Why pies?

Well, who doesn’t like a pie? A pie can be hot or cold, mild or spicy, sweet or savoury, the possibilities of pie can be endless. Even the mathematicians loved pie so much they named an equation after one 😉 A tasty ingredients incased in their own packaging, genius!

But why pies?

Back in 2008, sat at a desk in an architects office I noticed a rather sad looking pork pie that someone had left on a plate. The pie summed up the weather….miserable. There had to be more to pie than this? That weekend cheered up by a bracing walk amongst the craggy hills of the Peak District, I baked 6 pork pies with meat from the local butcher, wow that was the lightbulb moment.

Fast forward 10 years, here we are making the best pies in Derbyshire using the finest local ingredients.

If I we can't walk or cycle to our suppliers then its doesn't go in one of our pies.